Youths Apply

Opportunities for the Youths

do you have talent?

are you on the lookout for new exciting opportunities?

then join the potent social community

3 exciting benefits

  1. Paid Casting Opportunities
  2. Showcasing Opportunities
  3. Free Access to Live Events

Paid Casting Opportunities

Potent Social’s main focus is providing you with paid casting opportunities in:

• Fashion
• Music
• Beauty
• Fitness
• Art
• Dance
• Acting
• Photography
• Film
• Literature
• Modelling
• TV & Reality

Showcasing Opportunities

Potent Social provides you with a platform for you to:

• Showcase your work
• Distribute your work
• Bring awareness to your work
• Attract new clients

Free Access To Live Events

You will also get free access and priority to a range of compelling live events: Fashion Shows, Music Festivals, Beauty Festivals and all the other live events in all 12 categories.